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Adventures in Time and Space
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Doctor Who adventure fanfic and discussion
Not to be confused with kids’ magazine Doctor Who Adventures, this is a discussion and fic community for all the bits of Doctor Who where people have adventures in time and space. Although this comm was set up with the main Doctor Who universe (the 1963-1989 series, the new series, the novel, comic, audio tie-ins) in mind, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood are allowed provided the content’s on-topic.

What counts as an adventure?
It’s a fairly wide category and open to interpretation, but I’m defining it as ‘stuff outside the mundane happening to the characters’. Take a look at the interests for examples. Fanfics with historical stories or alien planets where the setting’s an important part of the story rather than an interchangeable backdrop are great; fics with alien invasions, mad scientists, space pirates, jailbreaks, murder mysteries and the like are definitely on-topic provided the adventure aspect of the story’s a major one and not a one-line mention to facilitate the angst or romance or introspection.

So it’s a strictly gen community?
Definitely not, no, so anyone thinking “finally, a chance to get back to talking about what really matters about Doctor Who without that silly relationship stuff” might be in for a disappointment. Gen and episode-type fics are very welcome, but so are any and all romantic pairings (provided there’s no sex between an adult and a minor) – het, slash, femslash, OT3s, so long as there are thrilling adventures going on as well as sex or romance, it’s all fine. This post has more on what sort of fics are on-topic. I’d ask that no WIPS be posted here, in order to limit the amount of cross-posting – if you’re writing an ongoing fic, link to it here when it’s done. Crossovers are allowed.

Other than fanfic, what’s allowed here?
If it’s about adventuring, it’s fine. Picspam your favourite monsters. Talk about a particular time period the show’s visited, or that would make a good fanfic. Ask for recs on which of the books or audios feature killer robots or dinosaurs. Cut-tag fic after the header or any large images, don’t be a jackass to your fellow comm members, and if there are any problems or you’ve got a question, use the Page-a-Mod post. Your mod is doyle_sb4.