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Classic Who picspam

Under the cut are around 60 screencaps from classic Who, featuring monsters, companions and exciting adventures; not even remotely dial-up friendly. Apologies for the lack of some of the more obvious iconic moments, like Ace's Dalek/baseball bat interface, but I was working from the episodes on my hard drive, which for the most part haven't been released on DVD yet.

Things I learned while putting together this post:
  • Three's era is my happy fannish place. I love UNIT and Jo and Liz and Sarah Jane and the Master and dinosaurs. I was constantly getting sidetracked in wanting to rewatch whole serials.

  • All of Doctor Who needs to be out on DVD so I can get less rubbishy source.

  • Most of the stories written off by fandom are the ones I think are brilliance on a stick (see: The Chase, esp. the Daleks versus Dracula and Frankenstein's monster)

  • There are few things that can't be improved by the addition of GIANT ROBOTS.

  • Feel free to nick any of these for iconing purposes.

    Insert 'one-eyed monster' joke here.
    The Kandyman in all his sugary glory.
    Morbius lives! If I ever become a brain in a jar, that's exactly the sort of body I'd

    build myself.
    I don't know what this is. Some sort of ewok?
    Gods of Rrrragnarrrok.
    The robot from Robot, in the first of several appearances in this picspam. Come on, it's

    a serial about a robot that becomes giant. That's worthy of a picspam all on its own.
    Creepy Dream Ruff-Man from Kinda.
    Autons that are even scarier than the shop window dummies ones.
    The robot again! But now it's huge!
    Um. It's a Vervoid. Yes.
    Genuinely terrifying living troll from Terror of the Autons. Thank God I didn't see that

    as a child, I'd still be behind the sofa.
    I couldn't get The Underwater Menace fishpeople so these Warriors of the Deep

    Sea Devils will have to do.
    A vast army of Cybermen in The Five Doctors.
    A tiny picture of Two and an Ice Warrior, because I'm woefully low on pre-colour


    Brilliant special effects and things becoming giant
    A T-Rex on the rampage in the middle of London! Thank goodness for UNIT...
    ...they've got tanks!
    Invasion of the Dinosaurs makes me want to cry with happiness, seriously.
    A perfect merging of both categories, being a brilliant special effect of a snake

    becoming giant.
    A tiny One, Ian, Barbara and Susan encounter a giant man.
    A tiny Master encounters a giant Peri, who keeps him in a box like her

    The robot from Robot has been sadly neglected these last few pictures. Something

    must be done.
    Technically not something becoming giant, but Five's mighty weapon deserved some


    Costumes and disguises
    Five in bondage.
    Zoe in bubblewrap.
    "She's much prettier than a computer." Indeed.
    If I had to summon this bit of The Daemons up in two words it would be 'sheer

    Revolutionary France was well known for its citizens' fondness for pimp hats. I think we

    all know why it's One's favourite historical period.
    The Rani disguises herself as Mel, mostly for the lols.
    Gallifrey = Planet of Hats.
    Four tries out a sober new look. The Brig is unamused.
    Two had cool glasses first.
    A magnificent pair of Dalek bumps.
    Unexpected naked Benton...

    Everything else
    Featuring: companions with guns, giant rocks and balls of string; amusing extras; two Tegans; UNIT with a rocket-launcher; a killer chair; sailing ships in space; and Dracula meeting a Dalek


    Feb. 1st, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
    Unexpected naked Benton...

    WHAT. I have obviously missed something very vital so far in my Old school watching.

    And aww at the BRILLIANT special effect. And Zoe in bubblewrap couture.


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