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Fic: The Memory Always Lies (2/?)

Title: The Memory Always Lies
Chapter 2: In Which Sgt. Benton Has a Good Memory, and Miss Shaw Makes a Discovery or Two
Characters: Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton.
Spoilers: Through Season 7 of Classic Who and Season 3 of New Who.
Rating: PG
Words: 3,899 (for this chapter)
Summary: The Doctor must use the Chameleon Arch to avoid an imminent threat, leaving Liz, Benton, and the Brig with a mess and a mystery on their hands.
In this chapter: Liz investigates a disappearance, while Corporal John Smith has something on his mind.
Beta: The excellent </a></b></a>kayliemalinza, to whom I owe much.

(In Which Sgt. Benton Has a Good Memory, and Miss Shaw Makes a Discovery or Two)

Cross-posted to dwfiction  and legsofscience ; sorry if you see this all over the place.

The Watch on the Heath

Who_Daily Link: < a href="http://persiflage-1.livejournal.com/232072.html">The Watch on the Heath</a> by < lj user=persiflage_1> (Characters: Martha, Jack, Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, UNIT, OCs | Rating: PG-13 | Spoilers: Tw S2, DW S4, Classic Who S7)

Title: The Watch on the Heath
Author: Persiflage_1
Characters/Pairings: Martha, Jack, Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, UNIT, OCs
Rating: PG-13 (for some violence)
Spoilers: Season 7 Classic Who, Season 4 New Who, Season 2 Torchwood
Summary: Martha meets a much earlier UNIT team.
Disclaimer: I occasionally wish that I did own it!
Author Notes: I wrote this fic for the smith_n_jones fic challenge. The prompt (from yahtzee63) was Third Doctor, joyriding in Bessie. This fic's set between "Inferno" and "Terror of the Autons" for Three and his UNIT, and after DW S4 and Torchwood S2 for Martha, Jack, and modern UNIT.

Betas: The lovely fourzoas and catholicproton


The Watch on the Heath

Feb. 3rd, 2009

tardis_gen is open for sign ups.

tardis_gen is a gen (that is, non-relationship-focused) ficathon for Doctor Who. It's open to all types of canon, and adventure fic is highly encouraged.

Challenge signups

Two long-fic challenges opened for sign-ups today: tardis_bigbang (minimum 20,000 words, covering all of the Doctor Who universe) and thelittlebang (minimum 15,000 words, femslash-orientated, multifandom). The longer than usual word length means there's lots of room for quests, mysteries, skulduggery and all sorts of fun plots, and it'd be especially great to see Doctor Who people signed up for thelittlebang - come on, you know you want to write fandom's first epic Peri/Erimem, Leela/Romana, Rose/Martha/Donna...

Classic Who picspam

Under the cut are around 60 screencaps from classic Who, featuring monsters, companions and exciting adventures; not even remotely dial-up friendly. Apologies for the lack of some of the more obvious iconic moments, like Ace's Dalek/baseball bat interface, but I was working from the episodes on my hard drive, which for the most part haven't been released on DVD yet.

Things I learned while putting together this post:
  • Three's era is my happy fannish place. I love UNIT and Jo and Liz and Sarah Jane and the Master and dinosaurs. I was constantly getting sidetracked in wanting to rewatch whole serials.

  • All of Doctor Who needs to be out on DVD so I can get less rubbishy source.

  • Most of the stories written off by fandom are the ones I think are brilliance on a stick (see: The Chase, esp. the Daleks versus Dracula and Frankenstein's monster)

  • There are few things that can't be improved by the addition of GIANT ROBOTS.

  • Feel free to nick any of these for iconing purposes.

    I wasn't kidding about the dial-up killing sizeCollapse )


    Pirates! Dinosaurs! Sailing ships IN SPACE! This community’s intended for all things adventurous and Doctor Who related. In a fictional sandbox where the characters can go anywhere in the universe (or into other universe, or inside books) at any point in history, there’s plenty of scope for doing almost any kind of story. On screen we’ve had werewolves, vampires, giant insects, bodysnatchers, killer plants, sea monsters, robots of all varieties, Egyptian gods, alternate timelines, the Big Bang and the heat death of the universe; we’ve seen clockwork androids in the court of Louis XIV, Daleks fighting a robot Dracula, a monster made of liquorice allsorts, the Earth being dragged across the cosmos (twice) and more evil despots, mad scientists and crazed sentient computers than you can shake a stick at; and that’s just telly canon. The tie-ins, with their lack of budget constraints, really go to town.

    When Big Finish ran their Short Trips competition last year, the editor commented that they got a lot of stories where the Doctor saw some children playing in a park, and realised on seeing their mother – Susan – that he was watching his great-grandchildren. The editor suggested that while this is fine, it would have been better something had happened in the story; maybe the kids could be attacked by a monster, and before the Doctor can act he sees they’re doing just fine without his help. On those lines, while characters and ships of all description are more than welcome, this is the sort of thing that’s within this comm’s remit:

    No: The Doctor angsts about his feelings for Rose.
    Yes: The Doctor angsts about his feelings for Rose while they’re both caught up in planning how to get the TARDIS back from those pirates.

    No: Some years after City of Death, Romana goes to visit Duggan.
    Yes: Some years after City of Death, Romana gets accidentally stuck on Earth and decides the only sensible thing to do is start a detective agency with Duggan.

    No: Rose, Donna, Martha and Sarah Jane gossip about the Doctor.
    Yes: Rose, Donna, Martha and Sarah Jane gossip about the Doctor during their complex Ocean’s 11-style heist on an alien spaceship.

    You get the general idea. Stuff happening, characters doing things, settings or events that are out of the ordinary – that’s what this comm’s for. Links to older adventure fic would be great. As well as fic, feel free to post recs, icons, picspams, vids, meta, discussion topics, or anything else you think is on-topic. If you’re not sure, run it past me first at the page-a-mod post.

    The Obligatory Page-a-Mod Post

    You should know the drill by now; if you have a question or need to bring something to the mod’s attention, leave a comment here. All comments are screened. The mod is doyle_sb4 who can also be reached by email.